Antagonist muscle exercises examples

contraction of Agonist-Antagonist Muscle Pairs in the Upper and

commercial exercise gym for the muscle groups. Thus isometric exercise against agonist and antagonist pairs provides a The sample size was suffi-.

Analysis of the some EMG variables for measured agonist and

the proportion of antagonist and injury through some muscle strength exercises. A research on a sample of team for football. The Researchers.

analysis of co-contraction of the trunk muscles in the side bridge

The objective of this study was to compare the antagonist co-contraction of the local and global trunk muscles during side bridge exercise 


1 The main muscle groups in the human body. ⚫ agonist. ⚫ antagonist. ⚫ fixator. ⚫ antagonistic muscle action. Muscles are made up of soft muscle tissue and 


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Upper limb electrical stimulation exercises. P Taylor G Mann

1.5 The Musculoskeletal System & Analysis of Movement in Physical

Movement in Physical Activities antagonists types of muscle contraction. ... Give an example of how a footballer might use a hinge joint?

The Effect of a Complex Agonist and Antagonist Resistance Training

dissimilar exercises targeting agonist and antagonist muscle groups (2). For the purposes of this research
The Effect of a Complex Agonist and Antagonist Resistance Training Protocol on Volume Load, Power Output, Electromyographic Responses, and Efficiency

BTEC Revision Guide Muscular System

Examples. Skeletal. Muscle. • Consciously controlled. • They fatigue during exercise. • Contract by impulses sent by the brain.
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GCSE (9-1) Physical Education (Short Course)

1 nov. 2016 6 Complete Table 2 by: (a) stating the function of each muscle. (b) giving an example of a specific sporting movement that uses each muscle.
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