Short vertical antenna for 160 meters

The "No-Excuses" 160 Meter Vertical

My. FT-847 at 100 watts with this portable little antenna was a fun combination for field day and short trips. There's always something satisfying about a 

Some Ideas for Short 160 Meter Verticals

Few amateurs have room for full sized vertical antennas on 160 meters. Shorter verticals are possible efficient short verticals for 20 and 40 meters.
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Improving Your 160 and 80 Meter Antennas for the Declining Solar

Antennas for 160 Meter DX. ○ A 125 foot vertical: the gold standard 160 meter antenna 50 feet or higher (as short as 35 feet with reduced performance).
. W LPL CTU Improving Your and Meter Antennas for the Declining Solar Cycle

Spiderbeam 160m Vertical - Model 160-18-4WTH

17 juil. 2021 In the Spiderbeam 160m Vertical Antenna it is used for fastening the short 6mm rope stubs to the pole (see Hint: after tying the knot ...

Instructions Model BUT-TBR-160S

160 Meter add-on for the HF2V HF6V and HF9V. The TBR-160-S is a parallel tuned circuit that attaches to the base of BUTTERNUT. ® vertical antenna.
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Some Suggestions For Short Verticals On 160m

We know that for a lossless antenna the radiation pattern of a very short vertical is almost the same as a λo/4 vertical. The differences between short and tall.
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Easy to Build Low Band Receiving Antennas for Small and Large Lots

antennas dimensions are for. 160 meters - simply scale them to 80 meters ... 5 dB: Single vertical antenna (short vertical or ¼ wavelength vertical).
. W LPL Easy to Build Low Band Receiving Antennas for small and large lots

Working 160M From a Small Lot (and Larger Ones Too)

160M Is a Tough Band. • Propagation quite variable short antenna so it looks longer to ... Current in a resonant vertical peaks.

Beam Steering on 160 Meters

17 mai 2008 Beam Steering on 160 Meters. Victor Kean K1LT ... 110400. 160 Meter Antenna Array Comparison ... Slightly scaled W8JI short vertical design.
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The W2FMI Ground-Mounted Short Vertical

investigations to the 40- 80- and 160-meter bands
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