Anthropological definition of race

The Anthropological Concept of Race

view tended to be racial determinists while monogenists were by and large egalitarian in their beliefs about races. (Sills

The Anthropological Concept of Race

races. Those who rejected the idea of mankind having a single origin were polygenists. They attributed racial differences.

Redefining Race: The Potential Demise of a Concept in Physical

physical anthropology was that the concept of race was a valid tool for the description and study of human variation. More recently the race concept has 

The Status of the Race Concept in Physical Anthropology

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The Status of the Race Concept in Physical Anthropology

ligence]. The concept of race is a divisive and emotionally charged topic among physical anthropologists. The history of the American Association of Physi-.

Race and Anthropology

1850s nevertheless
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Anthropology of Race

biological concept has prompted some physical anthropologists implicitly to reassign discussions of race as a social construct to their cultural colleagues.
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Race and Anthropology: A Core Concept without Consensus

Race once a core anthropological concept

The Genetical Theory of Race and Anthropological Method

"Very arbitrary indeed both in number and definition have been the varie- ties of mankind accepted by eminent men." Thus wrote Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752 

Current Views of European Anthropologists on Race: Influence of

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