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Applied and Academic Anthropology in Development: Distance or

At first glance it is easy to understand why so many anthropologists are Current definitions usually refer to development as a “process of change”.

The Making and Marketing of Development Anthropology

My approach to the emergence of development anthropology focuses on three aspects that define the construction of this subdiscipline: discursive operations 

Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

developing societies such as Ethiopia; as well as due to basic ideas and knowledge in the science of ... Define anthropology and describe its basic.
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Anthropology and development.

Since its inception anthropology has not ceased Let us define development
Escobar anthropogyanddevelopment

The Development of Indigenous Knowledge

tellectual stance is difficult to define although by and search and anthropology is one of emphasis. It is less an intellectual pursuit than an applied one 

Anthropological Views of Community and Community Development

directions and there is no easy resolution of the resulting ten- the case of applied anthropology

Tourism as an Anthropological Subject [and Comments and Reply]

an anthropology and a sociology of tourism at this point in our study. an adequate definition of tourism is not easy to develop. Since.

The Anthropology of Corruption

7 déc. 2015 One major contribution of anthropology is the development of an approach ... cannot easily agree with a definition of corruption that neatly ...


1.2 Meaning and Definition of the Term Development Development three basic dimensions i.e. (1) long and healthy life (2) knowledge (3) a decent.

Doubly Damned: Dealing with Power and Praxis in Development

tween basic and applied science paradigms in anthropology with the result that many academic A restricted definition