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should make sure that they are familiar with all the words and phrases in the When teaching a language there are different ways or systems teachers can.
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Think about language used in the classroom. Little things such as substituting words like 'children' for 'girls' and boys' or 'parents and carers' or families' 

Meeting other students

Write the words in the correct group. Are you doing history on its own? ... now you've got the important information it's time to meet each other.
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B2 First - Handbook for teachers

31 mars 2021 completed sentence is similar in meaning to the lead-in sentence. ... If in doing so
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Grammatical Constructions and Linguistic Generalizations: The

features of a sentence like What are they doing resuscitating constructions?* about it (as is the case with the English verb-phrase construction ...


phrases. Exam Focus: True/False. Pronunciation Focus: Numbers collocations; word families ... That's why you like practical clothes like sportswear.
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B2 First for Schools handbook

31 mars 2021 completed sentence is similar in meaning to the lead-in sentence. ... If in doing so
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What's a Nice Biology Teacher like You Doing Teaching Humanities?

What's a Nice Biology Teacher Like You. Doing Teaching Humanities? Carol A. Biermann the class discussed the meaning of each section. In.


words. • identifying similar words in. English and Spanish to learn more vocabulary you we they skating? Wh-questions. What am. I doing?
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English Words

up in an etymological dictionary (like the OED or Skeat 1982). This of course raises questions about what we are doing when we divide words up into 
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