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Replacing Words with Synonyms. Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meanings. Replace each underlined word with a synonym from the word box.
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Bryce said "Delighted - that's how I feel about win- ning. Delighted is stronger than glad or pleased? about synonyms and the thesaurus

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Write “Yes” on the line if the two words are synonyms. If they are not synonyms write a “No” on the line and write a synonym for the first word. 1 
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EFL Learners‟ Synonymous Errors: A Case Study of Glad and Happy

English has many words that are considered synonymous and Chinese EFL (English as can bring users to another entry under the headword “delighted” ...

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REPEAT OR USE A SYNONYM OF SOME KEY WORD OR PHRASE FROM THE PREVIOUS use similar sentence structures to show that sentences relate to each other.
cohesive devices QUESTION A B C D Answer 1 The owner of these books have

Two of these words may be either synonyms or antonyms. Find out the correct pair in each question. (A) Vilification. (B) Nullification. (C) Denigration.
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3. The Little Girl

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joined and eventually superseded by another giant in English instruction or near synonyms" — as "the most noteworthy asset" of our vast word.

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it's a synonym (a word with the same meaning as another word) for. If you don't have access to a printer delighted great great pleasant tremendously.
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