Another word for which can lead

TKT teaching knowledge test glossary

The opposite of another word e.g. hot is an antonym of cold. A question which can lead to a long response
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Synonyms for Words Commonly used in Resumes Business

develop originate create derive cause effect generate bring about result in give rise to design devise make build construct synthesize form prepare organize.
Synonyms for Common Words in Resumes

Transition Sentences

need to lead them through your paper. Transition words and sentences can serve as stepping stones. • Transition sentences make your writing sound less 
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Everyday Words for Public Health Communication

1 mai 2016 Rarely these bacteria can invade the body and cause disease. Most people who 'carry' the bacteria never become sick. Plain Language Sentences.
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Everyday Words for Public Health Communication

1 mai 2016 Contact with anthrax can cause severe illness in both humans and animals. Healthy people can carry the bacteria in their nose or throat without ...
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Word Usage in Scientific Writing

CASE-Can be ambiguous misleading
Word Usage in Scientific Writing

Food Safety A Need-to-Know Guide for Those at Risk

food they can cause foodborne illness. Another word for illness-causing bacteria
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What is PPA? Symptoms & Causes

Sentences with abnormal word order in speech or e-mails Both FTLD and AD can lead to many different patterns of clinical impairments depending on the ...

Misused English words and expressions in EU publications EN 2016

25 mai 2016 something' may be the result of the combined effect of both EU and US ... were an elegant synonym for if when or where ('the fund can be ...

Mokusatsu: One Word Two Lessons

mokusatsu led to the United States decision to drop the world's first atomic bomb on Hiroshima is well known to many linguists. But perhaps it would not be 

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