Another word for getting treated well

Navigating Life During and After a Blood Cancer Diagnosis

may not use the word “survivor” (or another word) in the same way as you do. “In cancer survivorship focuses on the health and well-being.
PS Survivorship YA FullBook

When Your Parent Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens

Many other teens who have a parent with cancer have will also get tests to find out how well the cancer is responding to treatment.
when your parent has cancer

Social Stigma associated with COVID-19

2020. 2. 24. Such treatment can negatively affect those with the disease as well as their caregivers
covid stigma guide

The Equality Act making equality real

It is easier for people to live side by side and get on with each other if everyone is treated fairly. Page 6. Government Equalities Office The Equality Act 
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Everyday Words for Public Health Communication

2016. 5. 1. If you do audience testing of these terms or other public health or ... Everyone must be able to get good quality health care services when ...
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Islam and Refugee Issues Final

2012. 11. 20. that he may hear the word of Allah and then escort him to where he ... be reunited with them

The concepts of health well-being and welfare as applied to animals

All the Ph. D. students and other staff at division of Health and Society (formerly 13 Sometimes the term “well being” is used as a key word in the ...

Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners Adopted by

of the most adequate systems of today to set out what is generally accepted as being good principle and practice in the treatment of prisoners and the 
UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners

Getting in the Driver's Seat of Your Treatment: Preparing for Your Plan

You might choose another word for yourself but the main idea is Getting in the drivers seat of your treatment and recovery.

AMA Code of Medical Ethics Opinions on Patient-Physician

The health and well-being of patients depends on a collaborative effort between patient and physician in treatment from another qualified physician.
code of medical ethics chapter

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