Another word for determined effort

JP 5-0 Joint Planning

Initiatives to Accept Foreign Nationals and for the Realization of

permission are determined in consideration of “the impact on Japanese resources even if efforts have been made to improve productivity and secure ...

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

To promote encourage and support the efforts of teachers and learners at all the other is another language

A Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management

reality is affecting all levels of government in their efforts to improve our management community as they determine how to integrate Whole Community ...
whole community dec

Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare Service Guide 2 0 2 1

the efforts being made by each bureau of the MHLW and makes everyone another person's healthy organ. ... Determination of long-term care fees.
pamphlet about mhlw

Summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy

The reemergence of long-term strategic competition Challenges to the U.S. military advantage represent another shift in the global security environment ...
National Defense Strategy Summary

Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans

evacuation shelter operations

On Judith Butler and Performativity

in other words the possibilities of subverting already determined within this regulatory ... merely yet another effect of the law disguised as.
Salih Butler Performativity Chapter


effort. It builds on preparations made for the 2015 Meeting of Experts incorporating the employment contract or relationship is determined by objective ...

Understanding Community Policing

Criminal investigation units may need to be surveyed to determine if efforts are being duplicated which could allow some officers to return to patrol.

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