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This prevents it from being used as head in another Head-specifier phrase again For every common noun lexeme in the grammar that selects a determiner as ...

Mutual dependency and Word Grammar: headedness in the noun

Most Dependency Grammars reject mutual dependency but Word Grammar allows it with Hud- son (2004) exploiting it to analyse Determiner+Noun constructions.
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which summarises the ways in which it can be used in grammar. The major word classes for English are: noun verb
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a phrasal verb. Phrasal verbs (often called multi-word verbs) consist of a verb and another word or phrase usually a preposition or adverb. The resulting.
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This book—which can be used alone along with another writing-skills text of tests


package easy to use as well as helpful for one aspect or another of the revision pro (S: sentence; NP: noun phrase; VP: verb phrase; Det: determiner; A.

The Grammar Tree (Second Edition) TG 7.pdf

commonly used determiners; determiners and adjectives; uses of determiners—articles demonstratives synonyms and antonyms; homophones; commonly confused.
The Grammar Tree (Second Edition) TG

Analyzing English Grammar: An Introduction to Feature Theory

from one word to another thus affecting the overall syntax of a sentence. say that it's the Functional Determiner The that renders the Noun book ...

The Grammar Tree (Second Edition) TG 8.pdf

determiners; non-finite verbs; direct and indirect speech; prepositions; The students will have to help one another by reading aloud the word stuck on ...
The Grammar Tree (Second Edition) TG

A Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar for English

31-Aug-1998 18.3 Multi-word Determiner tree: DDnx . ... Verbs are the other part of speech in the XTAG grammar that can assign case. Because XTAG.