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[ REPUBLIC ACT NO. 11232 ]

The Commission upon determination that the corporate name is: (1) not distinguishable from a name already reserved or registered for the use of another 

Medical Examiners' and Coroners' Handbook on Death Registration

death issues may be directed to Joyce A. Martin M.P.H.
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Comparative Matrix Corporation Code (1980) Revised Corporation

another corporation or other corporations; determined by the Securities and Exchange. Commission. (6) ... and determine the members' term composition
Legislation Revised Corporation Code Comparative Matrix as of March

Types of Error Systematic (determinate) errors Random

determination of a quantity. Perform addition/subtraction determine absolute error of result


If other than the lender enter the name
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1 Determination of calcium by Standardized EDTA Solution

The classic method of determining calcium and other suitable cations is titration with a standardized solution of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). EDTA 
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Word Usage in Scientific Writing

grammar word usage
Word Usage in Scientific Writing

The Rights of Unmarried Fathers

paternity has been otherwise determined by a court of The mother's name and all other names known to the putative father that have been used by the ...

How is the Term "Armed Conflict" Defined in International

Legally speaking no other type of armed conflict exists. occupation or racist regimes in the exercise of their right to self-determination (wars of.
opinion paper armed conflict

By Any Other Name

for a government – as opposed to a court of law – to determine when to use the word. and other connotations that give the word a special resonance ...
Todd Buchwald Report

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