Another word for not by mistake

TKT teaching knowledge test glossary

The words and phrases included in the TKT Glossary are not intended to provide a full or Peer correction – When learners correct each other's mistakes ...
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Proofreading and Editing Symbols O

Many spelling mistakes come from careless haste. Whenever you write proofread your paper not only for difficult words
proofreading and editing

Rule 1. To avoid confusion use commas to separate words and

not say expensive and summer resort so no comma. Rule. 3. Use a comma when an -ly adjective is used with other adjectives.
Basic Rules of Grammar WORD Document


Mar 29 2021 A preposition is a word that connects a noun or a pronoun to another word in a sentence. Common prepositions about above across after against.

Mokusatsu: One Word Two Lessons

But perhaps it would not be amiss to retell it briefly just in case word has other meanings quite different from that intended by. Suzuki.

Appendix 101 The Law of Homicide

The word "homicide" is neutral: it merely means the killing of one human homicide because the death was not caused by the act of another human being.

Language Acquisition and the Errors We Make

This student also shows several other word errors but no other article misses. This might lead one to conclude that this is a mistake and not an error but 

Chapter 14 Human Factors

mistakes of an aviation maintenance technician (AMT) can be on two different spectrums of height and weight. ... In other words one size does not.
AMT Handbook Addendum Human Factors

501 Grammar & Writing Questions 3rd Edition

This book—which can be used alone along with another writing-skills text of The first word of a quoted sentence (not just a quoted phrase)➞And with ...

Scenario 1

Say loudly “That's a huge mistake

  1. another word for if i'm not mistaken
  2. another word for not by accident
  3. another word for not making mistakes
  4. another word for non mistake