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The Recycling of Leaded Glass in Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

The main part that hold lead in CRT is funnel glass (belong to hazardous waste) the lead content ranges from. 22% to 28%. In other words
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Hazardous Waste Management - Cathode Ray Tubes

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Cathode-ray tube displays for medical imaging

This paper will discuss the principles of cathode-ray tube KEY WORDS: displays cathode ray tube

Classification of glass waste originating from cathode ray tubes

“Glass waste from cathode-ray tubes and other activated glasses”. 3. Entry B2020 in part I of Annex III and in part 1 of Annex V list B reads.
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computed in terms of the number of molecules per electron passing through the cathode ray tube In other words

Ferdinand Braull alld the Cathode Ray Tube

cathode ray indicator tube; in it the In 1876 Goldstein introduced the term ... The deflection coil and other devices that were mounted externally.

CASE AT.39437 – TV and computer monitor tubes CARTEL

5 déc. 2012 (2) A Cathode Ray Tube (hereinafter "CRT") is an evacuated glass envelope ... example so called integrators) with the chassis and other ...

Television Picture Tubes and Other Cathode-Ray Tubes

A. Tariff and trade agreement terms Picture tube and other cathode-ray tube distribution ... trade agreement terms and information on reports of.

Performance tests and quality control of cathode ray tube displays

The measurement techniques especially enable the user to perform comparisons of different display systems. 9 1990 by W.B. Saunders Company. KEY WORDS: CRT 

Evaluation of Biopolymer-Modified Concrete Systems for Disposal of

other electronic devices contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs) often called “picture tubes

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