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Introduction to C++: Part 1

A C++ class consists of 2 files: a header file (.h) and a source file (.cpp) semi-colon. ... If you really don't want the default constructor you can.
Introduction to C Part

CSE 374 - Week 8 (Wed) C++: RAII Constructors


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(colon) in constructor 228 defining member function in class and

Object Oriented Programming Using C++

Inheritance: Class hierarchy derived classes
OOPS lecture notes Complete

MATLAB Programming

not only as a matrix constructor but also as the MATLAB concatenation Also
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Derived Classes and Inheritance Derived Classes

Employee( first last ) // call base-class constructor Explicitly listed derived class's header with the colon. (:) notation when that derived class is ...

C++ Basics

the programmer then C++ provides a default constructor that takes no arguments. class immediately after the child class name separated with a colon.
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UML Notation Guide v1.0 Chapter 4

Class diagrams show the static structure of the model in particular
UML Class Notation Guide

Classes Revisited: Templates and Inheritance

A class should always have a default constructor i.e.

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The C++ classes can be reused in several ways. Once a class has The colon indicates that the derived-class-name is derived from the base-class-name.
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