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Ottobock warranty options - C-Brace

Repairs are free of charge during the warranty period. Once the warranty has expired maintenance is billed based on a cost estimate. Repairs do not cover.
C Brace Warranty Options

Reimbursement Guide C-Brace® Microprocessor SSCO®

Ottobock is the leading manufacturer of advanced microprocessor controlled prosthetic knees (MPKs) for amputees
C Brace ReimbursementGuide ?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb R MjY ODU NnxhcHBsaWNhdGlvbi wZGZ aDI L g NC OTQ MjM Mjk MTE LnBkZnw NDAzOGYyNTA ZWNmYmRhY Y NzlhN Y YjE NGRhNmY ODAzYzI NjY YTliN E YWFhMzA ZjI NzBkNmQy

C-Brace ® Coding and Billing Tips

13 L2999 Ottobock 17KO1000=0_B C-Brace KAFO with microprocessor Effective January 1
C Brace CodeBillTips ?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb R MjcxNjYxfGFwcGxpY F aW uL BkZnxoN QvaDJmLzg NDQyMzgxOTg MTQucGRmfDEzMjU MjU YjdjNmMwZjVhNzExNjVlYWM Njg ZjVkYjQzOWM YzM OGZkZDM MDc OTMxM VlNGExOTE ZWY

Frequently asked questions

repairs? For maintenance and repair of the C-Brace joint unit please contact Ottobock. Customer Service. 9 W 
C Brace Practitioner FAQ

C-Brace® Ottobock US Shop

Note: Design changes resulting in a remake are not covered under C-Brace fabrication select this box to order one from Ottobock for an additional cost.
C Brace Order Form D ?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb R MjMzMjY fGFwcGxpY F aW uL BkZnxoMjYvaGM Lzg ODQ MTQ MTY MDYucGRmfDM NGE NDZhZDc ZDRiMzU ZjJhN M OWQ YjdkNDVkOGI OTllZjNiNzI ZDJmNDRjYTUwYWQzNTQ YjNjY I

C-Brace®: Clinically proven advantages

2 Ottobock C-Brace: Clinical Proven Superiorities. Introduction C-Brace showed: • Two of 3 subjects previously wearing SCOs had reduced O2 cost (7 %).
C Brace Clinical Brochure ?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb R MjMzOTU fGFwcGxpY F aW uL BkZnxoMjMvaDFiLzg OTI NjA MTQ NDYucGRmfDVkNzhkZWE ZDc NTEwZWQ OTZjMzhlMjI YWZhMzYxYzE NjQyYmMxM FmZmFmNjk ZDdmNDAzOWY MDA ZmE

The C-Brace®

2 Ottobock The C-Brace®. Step into your future.™. Giving up wasn't an option. The diagnosis was shocking: cancer. Doctors gave Marjan three months to live 
C Brace User Brochure

C-Brace® 17K01 Online Training Overview

Ottobock. Introduction. C-Brace 2nd Generation. Shells of orthosis. Joint unit. Thigh closure straps. Foot piece. Adapter / Charger. Cockpit App.
C Brace K Online Training

Ottobock KAFO Collection

In addition to advanced stance control KAFOs and the unique C-Brace we're highlighting our newest knee and ankle joints; the Unilateral Joints and 
KAFO FamilyBro web

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