Cat 3406b injector hold down torque

Installation Manual for Model 346D Engine Brake

proved for use on all Caterpillar 3406 and 3406B engines. The Model Fuel lines and nozzle assemblies must be ... Torque the hold-down nuts to 60 lbft.

Installation Manual for MODEL C-346B

The Jacobs Model C-346B is designed and approved for use on both the Caterpillar 3406B (Jacket water aftercooled and air to air aftercooled) and 3406 truck 

Cat Commercial Diesel Engine Fluids Recommendations

Cat dealers have the most current information available. bolt threads and washers. ... time can also lead to injector fouling piston and com-.
CAT Diesel Engine Fluid Specifications

Caterpillar Performance Handbook

Cat Diesel Engines provide power high torque The ECM signals the injectors regulating ... holds to move cargo such as grain
Performance Handbook C

CATERPILLAR 3406 Engine Parts

Caterpillar® and Cat® are PREFIXES FOR SELECTED CATERPILLAR ENGINE MODELS: 3406A. 3406B. 3406C ... Injector Hold Down Bolt - 3/8" x 4"- C15 3406E.
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Advanced Troubleshooting Guide for Air Brake Compressors*

The discharge line must maintain a constant slope down from the compressor to the air dryer inlet fitting to avoid low points where ice may form and block the.


Recommended installation torque for any style bent bolt clamp: Cat. Number in mm in mm in mm in mm. 3406 3406B
Exhaust Product Guide

SD-01-344 Bendix® Tu-Flo® 750 Air Compressor

starts down the discharge valve spring and air pressure in the discharge line returns the holding the inlet valves off their seats (see Figure 6.) With.

Engine Tools

Designed to fit narrower bolt hole spacing on 3406B impellers Cat® ET needs to be used to program the Engine ECM that an Ash Cleaning has been performed.

SMCS- 1290-025 Follow the procedure in order to adjust your

Install electronicunit injector (3)intotheoriginal locationinthecylinder head. 11.Install hold-downclamp(7). Do not reuse the injector hold down bolts. New