Causality implies correlation

Does non-correlation imply non-causation?

The first is that correlation implies the presence of causality somewhere. More specifically if A and B are correlated

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causal info infer causal effects given causal structure and data
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A Note on Causation versus Correlation in an Extreme Situation

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When Correlation Implies Causation in Multisensory Integration

When Correlation Implies Causation optimal only when audiovisual signals were correlated. ... correspondence problem hence inferring causation from.
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Causal Inference

Causation implies correlation but not the other way around. It is vital to keep this distinction in mind for meaningful and credible analysis 

Implied Correlation Index: an Application to Economic Sectors of

The implied correlation exhibits clustering properties long memory

Spurious Correlation: A Causal Interpretation

for distinguishing between true correlations which do imply causation

Correlation vs. Causality in Stock Market Comovement

In statistics the negative statement

Information flow and causality as rigorous notions ab initio

Nov 1 2016 causation implies correlation

A note on causation versus correlation

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