Causation and association in epidemiology


ERIC at the UNC CH Department of Epidemiology Medical Center. Causality. ERIC NOTEBOOK SERIES negate a causal association as some causal agents are.
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Role and limitations of epidemiology in establishing a causal

Role and limitations of epidemiology in establishing a causal association. Eduardo L. Francoa*.

Association and Causation

Epidemiologic studies yield statistical associations between a disease and exposure. This is only the first step. We must interpret the meaning of these 
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Vaccines and Autism: Evidence Does Not Support a Causal

Oct 10 2007 Autism and measles
Nature DeStefano Vaccines and Autism

Causality in Cancer Epidemiology

indicated no association (the no association value also called the 'null value'

Causation and Causal Inference in Epidemiology

Because the association of recent estrogen use and endometrial cancer was the same in both long-term and short-term estrogen users the detection bias theory 


ANDERS AHLBOM. CRITERIA OF CAUSAL ASSOCIATION IN EPIDEMIOLOGY *. Epidemiology may be defined as the science of occurrence of disease. One.

Hill's Criteria for Causality

to distinguish causal from noncausal associations in observational studies the job test that is simply unavailable in most epidemiologic circumstances.
Rothman The encyclopedia of biostatistics

From Association to Causation: Some Remarks on the History of

Key words and phrases: Association causation

Association & Causation in epidemiological studies

Is the exposure causal (or protective)?. ▷We observe associations. ▷We infer (guess speculate
Dr. Sireen Epi association vs causation