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Evidence on the Presence and Causes of Serial Correlation in

expected to produce agreement among the signs of the sample serial correlation coefficients for different securities" [7 p. 74]. For the aggregate market

Eight things you need to know about interpreting correlations:

For example suppose there is a correlation between how many slices of pizza I eat (variable. X)
Eight things you need to know about interpreting correlations

A Note on Serial Correlation Bias in Estimates of Distributed Lags

of least squares estimates caused by the serial correlation of the e's. In this paper I will consider only large sample bias.

Correlation and Causation in the Study of Personality

Figure 2 depicts an example given by Pearl (2009). The graph represents the causal relations among five variables: the season of the year (season) whether it 

Empirical Tools of Public Finance

Causality: Two economic variables are causally related if the There are many examples where causation and correlation can get confused.
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Correlation Causation

Common Cause Explanation

have cited examples like this as evidence of the importance of common cause principle says there exists a common cause of correlated effects. But in.

Correlations Genuine and Spurious in Pearson and Yule

This is a nice example of Pearson's polemical style. Incidentally in 1935 he refused a knighthood. These ideas about correlation and causation pro- vide the 

Does Trade Cause Growth? - By JEFFREY A. FRANKEL AND

and vi are likely to be correlated. For example countries with good transportation systems