Cause and effect relationship analogy examples

Analogies 16 kinds of relationships that analogies may express: 1

category : example – dog : Golden Retriever. 9. effect : cause – flood : rain. 10. cause: effect – practice : improve. 11. increasing intensity – unhappiness ; 


Types of Analogies. ➢Antonyms. ➢Synonyms. ➢Cause and Effect. ➢Part to Whole. ➢Location. ➢Characteristic Quality. ➢Degree. ➢Function.

Working with Analogies

complete an analogy using synonyms

The Analogy Theme in Geography

Analogy is a relationship of similarity between two things a likeness in some function

Must a Cause Be Really Related to Its Effect? The Analogy between

that the objection to it would also rule out libertarian agent causality and showing satisfied in the case of God's relationship to creatures

The Relationship between Time Taken to Complete the Example

Example: Look at the first sample analogy below. Pain is the right answer be- cause pain is related to Pleasure as Dark is related to Light. SAMPLES.

Patterns of Organization

Patterns of organization show the relationships between supporting details in Cause and. Effect. Describes or discusses an event/action that is caused.

Understanding and Using Mediators and Moderators

6 jui. 2007 and moderation effects are introduced with an analogy example

A New Approach to Argument by Analogy: Extrapolation and Chain

evitable in most interesting examples of extrapolation in the biological and social sciences. describes a cause-and-effect relationship.

The Conceptual Framework for Managerial Costing

Analogy can be applied by using the information from a cost model built on operational cause-and-effect relationships. Such a causal model facilitates