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III.8. MERCOSUR - Chile Hub

The MERCOSUR - Chile Hub was defined by delimiting an area of influence that runs across South America and includes the connection of the main economic 
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Hub-and-spoke arrangements – Note by Chile

4 déc. 2019 There is only one precedent in Chile in which the Chilean Competition Tribunal. (“Tribunal”) has explicitly acknowledged a hub and spoke ...

ANNEX 6 Results of the GTEs of: MERCOSUR-Chile Hub Capricorn

MERCOSUR-Chile Hub Capricorn Hub and. Southern Hub. IX Meeting of the Executive Steering Committee - IIRSA. December 4th and 5th
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PepperHub an Informatics Hub for the Chili Pepper Research

Here we present the Pepper Informatics. Hub (PepperHub) which consists of five main modules
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Chili le hub de l'innovation en Amérique latine - Nanopdf

2 / INPI / Chili le hub de l'innovation en Amérique latine / Septembre 2016. SOMMAIRE. ▻ 1. Contexte économique national et ouverture internationale.


14 avr. 2022 Development pathways for “hydrogen hubs” in Chile. Client: Inter-American Development Bank. Project #:. RG-T3725. Document version: final.
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III.2. Capricorn Hub

Capricorn Hub (Argentina Bolivia
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investment opportunities in the latin american hub

Chile leads Latin America and ranks 25 out of 50 countries worldwide in Huawei's Global Connectivity Index - GCI. 2017. A LATIN AMERICAN HUB. We are globally 
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Public policy to promote technology transfer in Chile – Licensing

Author: Etienne Choupay (Innovation Division Ministry of Economy-Chile) Towards a technology transfer off campus model: Technology Transfer Hub .

Nuevos modelos de innovación en Chile: los HUBs de transferencia

la Universidad de Chile y coordinadora de la iniciativa. KNOW HUB Chile lo deja claro: “El objetivo principal es comercializar tecnología a nivel 
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