China news analysis

A content analysis of Chinese news coverage on COVID-19 and

Apr 23 2020 businesses and has been featured in Chinese news coverage. This research studied 499 newspaper articles through automated content analysis.

Framing international news in China: An analysis of trans-edited

Take China as an example with a sophisticated news censorship program

Reporting the same events? A critical analysis of Chinese print news

abstract. language mainland news China's This reports article official in examines two ideologically the discourse opposed strategies newspapers 

Framing IPhone Consumption by Chinese Mainlanders: Critical

Oct 6 1997 Framing IPhone consumption by Chinese mainlanders: critical discourse analysis on news coverage of China Daily and South. China Morning Post.
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Framing Climate Change:A Content Analysis of Chinese

Jun 26 2016 By analyzing 1

A Comparative Analysis of US and Chinese Wire News Coverage of

This paper compares the news coverage of HIV/AIDS in China by the Xinhua News Keywords: Frame; Framing Analysis; HIV/AIDS; China.

Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease

Feb 24 2020 Whole genome sequencing analysis of 104 strains of the COVID-19 virus isolated from patients in different localities with symptom onset ...
who china joint mission on covid final report

Philippine Claims in the South China Sea: A Legal Analysis

Importantly this analysis of Philippine claims to Scarborough Shoal and features in 40 Xinhua News Agency
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China in the News CPD July 2010

China in the News. A Comparative Analysis of the China Coverage of BBC World Service CNN. International
China in the News Report

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