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Applets vs JavaScript

Both the applets and JavaScript have their advantages and disadvantages. The usage of these two technologies is dependent on the performance and other 

ADF Code Corner - 71. How-to integrate Java Applets with Oracle

8 févr. 2011 Oracle ADF Faces contains a JavaScript client framework that developers can use to integrate 3rd party technologies like Java Applets and ...
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28 juil. 2010 These applets make use of some randomization commands native to GeoGebra and some. JavaScript coding in the html page.
GeoGebraNA Marc Renault

Chapitre 9 De C++ `a Java

dernier objectif deux nouveaux environnements ont été créés : les applets et le javascript. Il y a ainsi trois modes pour exécuter du java 
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Creating Dynamic Webpage for GeoGebra Quiz Applet

mathematics quizzes using geogebra dynamic applets for mathematics scholars using internal geogebrascript commands and external. JavaScript commands and 
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Developing web-based curricula using java physlets

strates the use of Java applets in conjunction with JavaScript functions to deliver a wide variety of Web-based interactive physics lessons.

306_JavaScript for Automation_DF_v2

JavaScript for Automation. Session 306. Sal Soghoian to: Path(destinationPath.js + '/' + exportName) ... Libraries and applets. UI scripting.
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le langage du WEB


21 juin 2011 Applet: an application that has limited features ... Applets on Internet web pages (Java Applets
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Présentation de JavaScript

Liens avec les applets Java. ▫ fonctionnalité Netscape « LiveConnect ». ▫ invocation de méthode d'applet Java depuis JS.
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