Principles of business management questions and answers

[PDF] I 2 MARKS 1 Define Management According to KOONTZ

SHORT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Fourteen principles of Management namely- Division of Work Authority and responsibility and so on; and

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3) What are the major functions of management explain 4) Explain management is an art or science both science and art 5) Explain the types of business 
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Corporate planning is a process used by business to map out a course of action that will result in revenue growth and increased profits 13 What are the 
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2 MARKS QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS 8] Write Fayol's fourteen principles of management What are the major components of the business environment?

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Read each question carefully before you start to answer it 6 A limited company has recently identified instances of poor financial management
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Type of Questions Allocated Marks Secured Marks I True or False Statements 10 II Multiple Choice Questions 10 III Short Answer Questions
Model Final Exam Principles of Management


PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT –BCOM- Ist year Question paper: Unit I: Short Questions: 1 Difference between administration Management? 2 Difference between 
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