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Calling an object's constructor (via the class name) is a More commonly, what if I want to add validation for example, no age can

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A Example of Python Class This example includes class definition, constructor function, destructor function, attributes and methods definition and object 

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plusieurs classes dans un module Ex ModulePersonne py #début définition class Personne: """Classe Personne""" #constructeur def __init__(self):

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An object obj that belongs to a class Circle, for example, is an instance of the class Circle Instantiation : The creation of an instance of a class Method : 

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Classes and object oriented programming in Python vs other OOP languages; Consider the previous example, slightly tweaked: In [44]: def f():

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One good example of polymorphism is constructor overloading in classes Page 11 OOP in Python 5 Object-Oriented Python

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Python doesn't use separate class interface definitions as in some languages • You just define the class and for example, self full_name class teacher:

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Fraction example ▫ more on classes • getters and setters • information hiding • class variables ▫ inheritance 6 0001 LECTURE 9

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with declaring python classes and objects which lays the Example: class student: def display(self): # defining method in class print("Hello Python")

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class FileCrawler: """ Crawl through a file reading back and forth without loading anything to memory """ def __init__(self, filename):

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