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cours python Class in python example code

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A Example of Python Class This example includes class definition, constructor function, From the code , we can see that after instantiate object, it

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The heart of Python programming is object and OOP, however you need not restrict yourself to use the OOP by organizing your code into classes OOP adds to the 

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functions Example: Following is the example of a simple Python class: When the above code is executed, it produces the following result:

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construct an object from that class definition • Similar to a “list” Python defines what a list is the data (attributes) and the code (behaviors) that

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Python is an object oriented programming language Example: Create a class named MyClass, with a property named x: class MyClass: x = 5 print(MyClass)

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Le programme principal s'en trouve grandement simplifié # -*- coding: utf -*- #appel du module import ModulePersonne as MP #instanciation

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Python passes it for you automatically Defining a method: Calling a method: (this code inside a class definition ) def set_age(self, num):

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paradigm that involves designing programs around concepts represented as "objects" • Python supports OOP through the provision of classes • Terminology

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numbers and underscores, e g “my_var”, “my_var2” Python is case sensitive Code blocks are defined by indentation Comments start by # sign # example

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description of the mechanics of OOP, we'll look at some simple examples The code below gives the class definition and then creates two in-

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