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1 mai 2017 · length property, as in str length • You can select an individual character by calling charAt(k), where k is the index of the desired 

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how to check the return value of indexOf, lastIndexOf, or search for a found substring: var str = 'A string to test JavaScript string methods'; var pos = str indexOf('A 

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In this tutorial, we will look into six different ways to check if a substring is a part of a string or not Let's start with the most common one: indexOf()

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A - substr B - search C - lastIndexOf D - indexOf Q 2 - Which of the following function of String object returns the index within the

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public int indexOfintch: Returns the index within this string of the first occurrence of the If it does not occur as a substring, -1 is returned

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Everytime you use a string JavaScript convert the string into a indexOf(subString : String [, startIndex : Number]) : Number

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replace executes a search for a match between a string and a regular expression, and replaces the matched substring with a new substring


It returns a string indexof ✹ indexOf - Find a character and its occurrences in a string It returns an integer var a = Welcome to wikitechy JavaScript 

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string indexOf() The indexOf() method returns the index of (the position of) the first occurrence of a substr() is similar to slice() The difference

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JavaScript – Métodos de Manipulação de Strings Extrai sub-cadeias (substring) da cadeia de caracteres (string) passando o endereço dos 2 índices

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