Javascript substring with regex

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Le texte source de l'expression régulière // Expression régulière pour identifier une chaîne de caractères JavaScript var mon_regexp = new RegExp("\"(?

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JavaScript RegExp Example: Regular Expression Tester So you cannot use matches() to test if a substring anywhere in the string * matches the regex

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27 avr 2008 · 3 Working With Regular Expressions 3 1 Using Parenthesized Substring Matches 4 Advanced Searching With Flags 5 Examples

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One of the most common tasks in any programming language is to find out whether a string contains a given substring JavaScript provides multiple ways to 

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substring(1) 9 }; 10 var resultat = chnEntree replace(motif, fnRpl) ; 11 alert (resultat) ; 12

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Regex's provide special syntax for string matching Allows matching, sub-string extraction Elements n for n > 0 contains the substring matched by the

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Executes a search for a match in a string, and replaces the matched substring with a replacement substring split String Uses a regular expression or a 

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JavaScript provides several methods that search strings: indexOf, lastIndexOf, search, and the regular expression method test These basic methods tell you 

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