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When to send holiday cards

WHEN SHOULD YOU SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS OUT? It is the best Christmas card etiquette to have all your cards placed in the mail by the first week of December (or earlier). This will ensure that your recipients have at least two weeks to display their cards and appreciate them as they await the arrival of Christmas Day.

How late is too late for holiday cards?

"Ideally, holiday cards would be mailed out the first week of December," says Hunt. "But receiving cards all the way up to Christmas Eve is still acceptable and fun!"

Can you send holiday cards before Thanksgiving?

Seasonally, the most popular cards are Christmas cards, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day, respectively. In the US, 85% of adults celebrate Mother's Day and it is also the most popular card-giving occasion for the Latine/Latinx community.

What is the most popular day for sending cards?

Use a Stamp and Post in Time\n\n The ideal time to send a card is the first week of December for domestic post, no later than the 8th, allowing for the cards arrival in mid-December.