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Who earns more java developer or python developer in india

Java full stack developers make an average salary of INR 6.50 lac, while Python full stack developers make an average salary of INR 3.50 lac, according to Payscale Data.

Which pays more Java or Python in India?

Freshers in this field earn around INR 1.99 lakh per annum while experienced Java developers can earn up to INR 11 lakh per annum. As you can see, the average salary of Java developers in India is slightly lower than that of Python developers.

Who gets paid more Java or Python?

Python vs Java Developer Salary Comparison\n\n As per the 2021 Stack Overflow Survey, professional Java developers earn $51,888/year globally, whereas dedicated Python developers earn $59,454k/year globally.

Which is better Java developer or Python Developer?

Java and Python are two of the most popular programming languages. Of the two, Java is the faster language, but Python is simpler and easier to learn. Each is well-established, platform-independent, and part of a large, supportive community.

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