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What is marine insurance and its features

Marine insurance covers the loss or damage caused to the goods during transit between the point of origin and destination. The insurance policy also provides coverage for the exposed goods, kept onshore or offshore, marine liability or casualty and hull.

What are the features of a marine insurance?

Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, terminals, cargo, and any transport by which goods are transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and the final destination.

What are the features of insurance?

Marine Insurance — a type of insurance designed to provide coverage for the transportation of goods either on the ocean or by land as well as damage to the waterborne instrument of conveyance and to the liability for third parties arising out of the process.


A contract of marine insurance is an agreement whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured in the manner and to the extent thereby agreed against 

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Hull Insurance: As its name implies hull insurance provides coverage for damage to or loss of a ship Like ocean cargo insurance this is property insurance; 

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Marine Cargo Insurance is governed by Marine Insurance Act 1963 Section 3 of the Act defines a contract of Marine insurance as 'an agreement whereby the 

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1 jan 2011 · insurance is a mechanism that helps to mitigate the risks of financial loss to the property such as ship goods or other movables in maritime 

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Slovenian transport and insurance legislation after its independence What is insurance: the primary function of insurance is risk transference and 

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parties Furthermore since marine insurance is an area in which there is no applicable international convention despite its international characteristics 


—(1) The insurer under a contract of marine insurance has an insurable interest in his risk and may reinsure in respect of it (2) Unless the policy otherwise 

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of insurable property or may be prejudiced by its loss or damage One of the unique features of marine insurance is that with

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Marine insurance is concerned with insurance of properties in transit consignor of goods for insurance to protect his goods during storage at

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What is marine insurance and its types

What is marine insurance explain its scope

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