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What is marine insurance in simple words

Marine Insurance — a type of insurance designed to provide coverage for the transportation of goods either on the ocean or by land as well as damage to the waterborne instrument of conveyance and to the liability for third parties arising out of the process.

What is the other name of marine insurance?

Hull Insurance\n\n This marine insurance policy provides coverage to the vessel including the furniture and articles of the ship against any unanticipated mishaps.

What is marine and fire insurance?

The marine insurance policy offers protection to the ships and their cargo during a voyage. The fire insurance policy offers protection to the policyholder's assets against fire for a particular period.

What is marine insurance Brainly?

Answer: marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ship, cargo, terminal and any transport by which the property is transferred , acquired or held between the point of origin and the final destination .

What are the basis of marine insurance?

The fundamental principles of Marine Insurance are drawn from the Marine Insurance Act, 1963* As in all contracts of insurance on property, the contract of Marine Insurance is based on the fundamental principles of Indemnity, Insurable Interest, Utmost Good Faith, Proximate Cause, Subrogation and Contribution.


In simple words the marine insurance includes A Cargo insurance which provides insurance cover in respect of loss of or damage to goods during transit by 

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TYPES OF MARINE INSURANCE Historically marine insurance meant property coverage for ships and cargo In modern times the definition of marine insurance has

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1 jan 2011 · In simple words the marine insurance includes A Cargo insurance which provides insurance cover in respect of loss of or damage to

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In basic terms there are three main types of marine insurance: • Hull and machinery • Cargo insurance and • P&I insurance 1 HULL AND MACHINERY INSURANCE


A contract of marine insurance is an agreement whereby the insurer (1) An express warranty may be in any form of words from which the

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The most recent publications on marine insurance law will be presented during the first lecture simple words reinsurance is “insurance of insurance”

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A Some basic principles • V B International characteristics C The structure of the marine insurance industry 1 Mutual insurance associations

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A contract of marine insurance is a contract whereby the insurer undertakes to Words repealed as to instruments made or executed after 1 8 1959 by 

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