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Master in Economics and Ecology

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  • What is a Master of Science in environmental science & policy?

    The Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy program emphasizes a broadly interdisciplinary and synthetic approach that integrates knowledge in the environmental sciences with the social sciences. Loading...

  • What is ecological economics?

    Ecological economics is an interdisciplinary field. We welcome students from a variety of academic backgrounds, including the natural and social sciences, as well as the arts and humanities. In this MSc programme, you will learn how to critically analyse the root causes of real-world sustainability problems.

  • Where can I study ecological economics?

    Study MSc in Ecological Economics at the University of Edinburgh. Our postgraduate degree programme is run in collaboration with Scotland’s Rural College and focuses on making sustainability and environmental management work in practice by applying economic principles. Find out more here.

  • What can I do with a MSc ecological economics?

    The MSc Ecological Economics prepares you to contribute to solving sustainability problems by focusing on the intersection between: This programme aims to equip you with a new way of seeing the world. We will empower you to analyse how the economy and economic decisions affect our progress towards a more just and sustainable future.

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Master in Economics and Ecology
What Is Ecological Economics?

What Is Ecological Economics?

The Master of Economics and the Master of Econometrics at The University of Melbourne

The Master of Economics and the Master of Econometrics at The University of Melbourne