International law and justice scholarship

  • Does NYU Law give scholarships?

    NYU Law devotes a substantial portion of its resources to scholarship programs, grants, and our Loan Repayment Assistance Program.
    The majority of our scholarships are Dean's Awards: grants in amounts up to full tuition based on merit, need, or both..

  • Does NYU Law give scholarships?

    NYU School of Law offers a host of scholarships to both incoming and current students.
    Entering students are considered for our main source of scholarship aid—Dean's Awards—with their application for admission to the Law School, and they can submit additional applications to the specialized scholarships listed below..

  • Does NYU Law School give scholarships?

    The Law School offers highly competitive scholarships to full-time LLMs, and full funding for four years to JSDs.
    Many students combine these with aid from other sources to meet the cost of attendance..

  • What is the Institute for International Law and Justice Scholar NYU Law?

    Institute for International Law and Justice Lowinson (IILJ) Scholars Program - Candidates for the IILJ Lowinson Scholars Program will be identified from the pool of applicants admitted to the Law School who have a demonstrated commitment to scholarship and the study of international law..

  • All students admitted to the JSD program receive a scholarship equal to the amount of tuition and fees in addition to a stipend of $28,430.56 USD per year for four years, conditional upon satisfactory academic progress (admission to candidacy, completion of coursework, and presentation and participation in the JSD
  • It aims to generate substantive and cutting-edge contributions to human rights research and legal scholarship on the part of faculty, staff, students, fellows and visitors; actively engage in public affairs; and make original and constructive contributions to ongoing public debates relating to human rights.
  • The ILHR Fellowship Program is designed to provide NYU School of Law students with the opportunity to gain education in the theory and practice of international and human rights law.
international law. In their 2nd and 3rd years, IILJ Scholars participate in the International Law and Human Rights Emerging Scholarship Conference where 
The IILJ Joyce Lowinson Scholars Program is a highly selective program for students with outstanding academic backgrounds and strong international, 

What are the different types of Law Scholarships in the UK?

There are a number of different types of law scholarships in the UK

Some of the most common types of law scholarships are international legal scholarship, human rights scholarship, and business law scholarship

International legal scholarships are available to students who want to study law overseas

What are the Justice and law scholarships?

The justice and law scholarships are in partnership with the Ministry for Justice and are jointly funded by the British Council, the GREAT Britain Campaign, and participating UK higher education institutions

For the 2022-23 academic year there are 30 postgraduate scholarships available for students from the following countries

What is an international law scholarship?

This scholarship provides assistance to overseas students enrolled or enrolling full-time in the Master of Laws (LLM), the Master of International Law (MIL), and the Master of International Commercial Law (MICLaw) programs

Four scholarships are offered: two that cover 50% of tuition and two that cover 25%

Academic journal

The Cornell International Law Journal is one of the oldest international law journals in the United States.
It was founded in 1967 by members of the Cornell Society of International Law at Cornell Law School.
The Journal is published four times a year and hosts a symposium every spring in Ithaca, New York.
In addition to the print edition, the Journal also published an online-version in paginated PDF format.

The Vinerian Scholarship is a scholarship given to the University of Oxford student who gives the best performance in the examination for the degree of Bachelor of Civil Law.
Currently, £2,500 is given to the winner of the scholarship, with an additional £950 awarded at the examiners' discretion to a la
>proxime accessit (runner-up).


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