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English/Urdu Legal Glossary

AFFIRMED - In appellate courts it means that the decision of the trial court is correct. AFTER ACQUIRED INTENT – When the defendant did not intend to commit a 
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Mamta Kalia

Hindi And Urdu Are Being Taught very horrible face of his society and its history. ... Has also published several books in translation.
hindi varta apr jun

Mamta Kalia

Hindi And Urdu Are Being Taught. In Japan For A Century Now “I know what that means- one in the ... very horrible face of his society and its history.
hindi varta apr jun


Dictionary-the standard authority for legal definitions since 1891. Nearly every area of the law has undergone change and develop.
Blacks Law th Edition SecA

The Complete Stories

do not feel cheated since the story's burden of private meaning has been unloaded a persistent horrible twittering squeak behind it like an undertone
Franz Kafka

Treasure Island-Robert Louis Stevenson

very loud and hard but his eyes were closed and his face a horrible colour. His words
Schatzinsel E


and how the meaning of words changes with the passage of time. It also investigates how Whereas in English 20 is twenty (/twentI/) in Urdu it is bis in.
Francis Katamba English Words

Children in Islam

Whatever is conducive to the production of a healthy child should be sought. It is therefore incumbent upon the parents to adopt every means to ensure that 
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Developing Character through Literature: A Teacher`s Resource Book.

a means of bringing their children to the commitments that will gradually discovers that Lena's father is doing horrible things to her in private.

The Terrorist Threat and the Policy Response in Pakistan

Another ethno-linguistic group in Pakistan is the Urdu- the definition of terrorism with the argument that such violence is dealt with by.

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