Order the flow of blood through the heart as it enters (deoxygenated) and leaves (oxygenated)

Arrows show the path of blood flow in the human heart. The blood

The blood re-enters the heart through the pulmonary veins (two on each side of the heart) and travels into the left atrium. The blood then passes through the 
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Ultrasound Obstet. Gynecol. 2 (1992) 389-396 - Foramen ovale: an

different concept: the oxygenated blood first enters the right atrium and then flows through the foramen ovale to the left atrium7-9.

The Heart and the Pathway of Blood

starting to understand the pathway of blood through the Oxygenated blood=Blood rich in ... pulmonary veins and enters the left atrium of the heart.
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The Heart and Circulation

28 Jul 2020 From the left atrium the blood flows through the mitral valve into the ... Freshly oxygenated blood (shown in red) passes to the left heart.
The Heart and Circulation


Oxygenated blood flows through the right side of the heart. 2. The vena cava empties deoxygenated blood into the ventricle. 3. The heart pumps oxygenated 
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BLOOD FLOW IN THE HEART 1. Blood enters right atrium from

Blood in right atrium flows through right AV valve (tricuspid) into right Blood is distributed by right and left pulmonary arteries to the lungs ...
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Oxygenated blood enters the left atrium through the pulmonary vein → left ventricle → aorta → Describe the flow of electricity through the heart.
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The oxygenated and deoxygenated blood are kept separate in the left and right side of the heart respectively. •. The walls of the auricles are thinner than 
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The fetal circulation

In the fetus deoxygenated blood arrives at the better oxygenated blood flow from the DV ... output enters the pulmonary circulation

Cardiac Shunts and Venting of IV Tubing to Reduce Air Embolism

can flow from right to left. This can cause hypoxemia (or a cyanotic defect) as deoxygenated blood bypasses the lung and enters the left heart directly.

  1. order the flow of blood through the heart as it enters (deoxygenated) and leaves (oxygenated)