Ordering fractions questions year 6

Year 6 Compare and Order by Denominator Reasoning and

Questions 3 6 and 9 (Reasoning). Developing Solve a word problem by comparing three fractions where denominators are direct multiples of the same number.
Year Spring Block Step RPS Compare and Order by Denominator


Read each question carefully before you begin answering it. 2. Don╩╝t spend too long on one question. 3. Attempt every question.
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Teaching for Mastery

Teaching for Mastery. Questions tasks and activities to support assessment for. Teaching of Mathematics. Excellence in the. National Centre. Year 6.
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Year 6 Compare and Order Numerators Varied Fluency

Developing Questions to support comparing and ordering fractions (up to tenths) where the written fraction is supported by a pictorial representation in 
Year Autumn Block Step VF Compare and Order Numerators

Comparing & Ordering Fractions

To compare and order fractions: Rewrite each fraction as an equivalent fraction whose denominator is the LCD ... Math 6/7 Homework (2.0) - Word Problems.
. Adding and Subtracting Notes and Homework

Year 6 Compare and Order Denominators HWK-EXT

Questions 1 4 and 7 (Varied Fluency). Developing Circle the fractions that are less than the given fraction
Year Compare and Order Denominators


Question 1: Arrange the following sets of fractions in order from smallest to largest. (a). (b). (c). Question 2: Arrange the following sets of fractions 
ordering fractions pdf

Year 6 Compare and Order Numerators Reasoning and Problem

Greater Depth Compare three fractions (including mixed numbers and improper fractions) where numerators are indirect multiples of the same number. Questions 2 
Year Autumn Block Step RPS Compare and Order Numerators


Fractions: Year 6 Learning From Home 6. 7. Compare and order fractions including fractions > 1. ... Problems. Percentage and. Decimal Equivalents.

Year 6 Students' Methods of Comparing the Size of Fractions

In particular this study addresses two questions: 1) Which strategies do Year 6 students use to compare the size of quantity fractions? 2) Do Year 6 students 

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