Protein-glycan interactions in the control of innate and adaptive

KIT Mutations Correlate with Higher Galectin Levels and Brain

3 jui. 2022 correlated with higher levels of galectins -1 -3

Structural Features of Galectin-9 and Galectin-1 That Determine

been identified as glycoprotein receptors for galectin-9 (33 34)

MicroRNA profiles during galectin‑9‑induced apoptosis of pancreatic

17 fév. 2017 In addition Gal-9 reduced the expression levels of phosphorylated epidermal growth factor receptor and numerous receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) ...

Expression profiles of CD11b galectin-1

and caspase-3 in

Increased Circulating Levels of Galectin Proteins in Patients with

26 sept. 2021 identified histologic subsets in lung cancer for which further ... of galectins-1 -3

Protein-glycan interactions in the control of innate and adaptive

19 mai 2008 is well documented as is their cell-specific expression and secretion. (Supplementary Table 1 online). Whereas galectins are secreted
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Molecular Identification and mRNA Expression Profiles of Galectin-9

11 jan. 2021 In this study we identified the gene encoding Gal-9 in Pagrus major (PmGal-9) and analyzed its expression in various tissues after pathogen ...

Varied expression and localization of multiple galectins in different

galectin-1 -2

Different angioregulatory activity of monovalent galectin-9 isoforms

2 mar. 2018 profiling in endothelial cells of different origin [16]. Besides confirming the expression of galectin-1 galectin-3