The English translation of seventeenth-century French lyric poetry

The English translation of seventeenth-century French lyric poetry

Differing cultural tendencies and reader expectations are evident both in the selection of particular poems for translation and in the changes translators made 

La reine des fées trop longtemps oubliée Translation et traduction

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Lepage John Louis (1982) Joshua Sylvester's translation of Du

His conclusion that this imagery might "still colour the sensibility" is suspect. In the Keats poem an awful lot of meaning rests on the word "All".

Mac Grianna and Conrad: A Case Study in Translation

'defer' and shades of meaning and illusion in between the two to illustrate pale and without rays poured down the leaden heat in a strangely indecisive.
Sine ad Coyle Mac Grianna and Conrad A case study in translation University of Ulster

Translation and Analysis of Suzanne Myre's Short Story Collection

imply unity of 'place' the reverse is not true
Hildebrand Cassidy thesis


also and his love poems became the popular lyrics of the town. Though extremely susceptible to the beginning to whiten his locks

Words and Worlds: Transculturalism Translation

Medieval German Lyric Verse in English Translation

was that German lyrics no longer had to depend entirely on oral The sun is whiter than the snow ... my harp is lying in its shade


1 The Sailboat. Yevhen Hrebinka. Translation: Watson Kirkconnell. The blue sea is starting to stagger and roar. The boisterous winds are a-toss on its 
Lysenko lyrics

Guido Gezelle

This is obvious when we examine Gezelle's most important translation work from 1886 – we shall not consider his prose translations of such Oxford. Movement 
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