Addresses of institutions responsible for issuing the portable

For A1 forms and information on the relevant social security legislation Contact form:
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Social dumping and the abuse of A1-forms in the EU: The need for

19 juil. 2016 The A1-forms and their binding status can be used to take abuse of the ... Atlanco Rimec posted Portuguese workers in the Netherlands to.

Outgoing staff

advice/assistance with a tax/financial advisor. Social security: A1 form. Anyone who works in the Netherlands is generally covered by Dutch social security.
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Working in the Netherlands

If you have an A1 certificate you will be subject to the social insurance legislation and rules of your country of residence. For example

Remote Workers Webinar

11 févr. 2021 Loes van Hulten ... Other countries tended not to grant A1 certificate in case of a private ...
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Application Form Medical Insurance

Please complete this form and return it to Menzis. Our e-mail: ... We can only insure you if you have received an A1 form.
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Anderzorg - Application Form Medical Insurance

You work and pay wage tax in the Netherlands Our e-mail: ... We can only insure you if you have received an A1 form.
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Acting as the liaison between the RO and the polling officials;. • Directing incoming electors to the proper polling stations using ENL's Directory of 

UDW Good Practice fiche on BENELUX Cross-Border Cooperation

Benelux Union: Belgium the Netherlands


Assisting the DRO in setting up and opening a polling station;. • Assisting the DRO in allowing electors to cast their ballots in an orderly fashion;.