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sgcWebSockets 2022.6

Let's start with a basic example where we need to create a Server WebSocket and 2 client WebSocket types: Ap plication Client and Web Browser Client.

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OCPP 2.0: Part 4 - JSON over WebSockets implementation guide

as a WebSocket server and the Charging Station acts as a WebSocket client. "ws://" this would give the following connection URL:.
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sgcWebSockets .NET 2022.6 Example: if you have configured your WebSocket Server on IP and ...

sgcWebSockets 2022.6

Support for JSON parsers: Delphi JSON and XSuperObject. Let's start with a basic example where we need to create a HTTP/2 Server and a HTTP/2 client.

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Compiling and Testing a Delphi Application Registering the Application in Thinfinity VirtualUI Server ... 3 Single Sign-On Sequence Example ...
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17 Nov 2019 in fact have an SSH server listening on port 22. ... the web interface

Evaluating Web Development Frameworks for Delphi

3 Apr 2019 Delphi MVC. Framework. • mORMot. • Mars Curiosity. Server ... Examples: IntraWeb uniGUI (uses ExtJS)
Evaluating Web Development Frameworks for Delphi


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Connection Strings in Firebird 3

TCP/IP is the protocol of choice for connecting clients to servers on all protocol most familiar to Delphi application developers
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