Micro Focus Fortify Software System Requirements

AWS SDK for .NET - Developer Guide

Maintenance and support for SDK major versions . NET Core apps . ... To get started see Setting up the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.
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Micro Focus Fortify Software System Requirements

1 avr. 2022 See "Languages" on page 11 for specific supported versions. ○ .NET applications in C# and Visual Basic (VB.NET) (.NET Core .NET Standard ...
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Micro Focus Visual COBOL 6.0 for Visual Studio Release Notes

16 juin 2020 NET Core version 3.1 is not supported by Visual Studio 2017 you must be using Visual Studio 2019 to be able to use Visual.
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Run the .NET Core sample app

27 juin 2022 NET Core MVC sample app and see your project's content in your browser. ... An IDE (such as Visual Studio 2019 or later) .NET 5 SDK.

AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio - User Guide

6 juil. 2022 5. Older versions of the Toolkit for Visual Studio . ... a shared AWS credentials file or SDK Store see Creating profiles for your AWS ...
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Amazon SDK for .NET - Developer Guide

24 août 2020 To find deprecated content for earlier versions of the Amazon SDK for . ... Amazon Toolkit for Visual Studio Code: If you use the Microsoft ...
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Supported and Compatible Compilers – Release 2021a

Support for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Professional will be discontinued in an 5. MATLAB Compiler SDK supports building .NET assemblies but not COM ...
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Sentinel RMS SDK v10.0.100 Windows Release Notes

Sentinel RMS is a software licensing SDK for your applications. Visual Studio 2019 Professional edition. > Visual Studio 2022 ... NET Core 5.0 and 6.0.

Kofax OmniPage Capture SDK - Release Notes - Version

27 juil. 2020 Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. Other (not tested) development environments with COM and / or .NET Framework 4.7.2 or upper should.
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Micro Focus Visual COBOL 7.0 Build Tools for Windows

6 juil. 2021 NET Core) require a different version of the Microsoft Build. Tools (the Visual Studio 2019 version) than the one installed (the Visual ...
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