Delphi websocket indy

sgcWebSockets 2022.6

TsgcWebSocketHTTPServer: WebSocket + HTTP Server based on Indy Library. Delphi 7 (* only supported if upgraded to Indy 10 Intraweb is not supported).

sgcWebSockets 2022.6

Support for JSON parsers: Delphi JSON and XSuperObject. Built-in Javascript libraries to TsgcWebSocketClient: WebSocket Client based on Indy Library.

sgcWebSockets .NET 2022.6

TsgcWebSocketServer: WebSocket Server based on Indy Library ...

Evaluating Web Development Frameworks for Delphi

3 avr. 2019 The foundation of most Delphi powered web technologies ... Concrete classes mapped to CGI ISAPI
Evaluating Web Development Frameworks for Delphi

Delphi Udp Client Server Example

delphi example of the indy is. Indy udp server example ncat ... Websocket is the fastest growing protocol standard these days. If client server delphi ...
delphi udp client server example

Real-world applications with Pas2JS

28 oct. 2021 both with Lazarus and Delphi. It supports many transport frameworks: Windows-specific transport Indy
pas js

B. Tech. Computer Science Engineering (With Specialization in Data

Socket and UDP Socket WebSocket
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