A lysosome-targeted DNA nanodevice selectively targets

Macrophage dysfunction in cystic fibrosis: Nature or nurture?

5 juin 2020 Why is modeling CF macrophage function difficult? Studying the role of CFTR in macrophages is complicated by the specificities of Cftr gene ...

In vivo imaging of inflammasome activation reveals a subcapsular

8 janv. 2016 subcapsular macrophage burst response that mobilizes ... inherently transient nature of cell signaling which may ultimately progress to ...

TSC1 controls macrophage polarization to prevent inflammatory

1 sept. 2014 but the mechanisms that regulate the macrophage polarization are poorly ... monocytes DCs
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Macrophage cytokine responses to commensal Gram-positive

cells of the innate immune system such as macrophages. In contrast to the TLR2-independent nature of macrophage responses induced by L. salivarius ...
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Does tissue imprinting restrict macrophage plasticity?

18 janv. 2021 revisited plasticity model offers opportunities to reset the macrophage pool after a severe inflammatory episode. NatuRe IMMuNoloGy
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Continuous human iPSC-macrophage mass production by

natural killer cells2 or platelets3 can be produced methods to generate other hematopoietic derivatives from human iPSC are still lacking.
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Nature and nurture of tissue-specific macrophage phenotypes

6 oct. 2018 Systematic gene expression profiling of macrophages from diverse tissues indicate that each macrophage population expresses a distinct set of ...

VSIG4 inhibits proinflammatory macrophage activation by

show that VSIG4 negatively regulates macrophage activation by NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
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A lysosome-targeted DNA nanodevice selectively targets

11 nov. 2021 NATurE NANOTECHNOlOgY scavenger receptors because Scarb1−/− (scavenger receptor class. B type 1) or Msr1−/− (macrophage scavenger ...
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