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What do the rules mean by “unobstructed access” to hand-washing facilities and why? We consider “unobstructed access” to be a situation where the artist can 

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(49) “Permit” means body piercing establishment permit (see definition 14) buildings or commercial and industrial establishments

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Tattooing and Individuals Performing Body Piercing "Body Piercing" shall mean the creation of an opening in any part of the

[PDF] Oral piercing aftercare - CIEH

1 jui 2013 · A pale odourless fluid may sometimes discharge from the piercing and form a crust This should not be confused with pus which would indicate
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9 juil 2013 · body piercing industry the Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union who are Treatments' are usually defined as treatments
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[PDF] Bleeding bruising discoloration and/or swelling are not uncommon

Any break in the skin including a new piercing can bleed or bruise These are not indications of any complication Reduce intake of aspirin alcohol and 
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CLEANING AND HEALING OF PIERCED BODY PARTS S:\Handouts\Clinical\Piercing Care and Healing doc 4/2017 General Care: Ear Belly Nipple Nose Piercings

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(e) "Tattoo artist" and "cosmetic tattoo artist" mean a person who practices tattooing or cosmetic tattooing or both pursuant to this act (f) "Body piercer" 
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