Economy-wide material flow accounts and derived indicators

Accounting Data Structure Dependent Control Flow Inference for

data from ERP systems by exploiting the general structure of journal entries can be used in order to infer the control flow of mined models?
Accounting Data Structure Dependent Control Flow Inference for Process Mining in Financial Audits Draft

Economy-wide material flow accounts and derived indicators

As in the sequence of accounts each step requires additional data (and additional compilation effort) compilers may in practice only complete some of the 
Economy wide material flow accounts... A methodological guide edition


Procedure : A logical sequence of actions to perform a task. Data produce accounting records and reports. ... Basic flow of Accounting Transaction.

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Nov 4 2020 Figure 2 - Data flow and setup of Accounting and Settlement ... order to calculate the accounting data (e.g. consideration of losses).
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Economy-wide material flow accounts

Jan 26 2011 Economy-wide material flow accounts (EW-MFA) are a statistical accounting framework ... 2004) in order to obtain comparable data and.
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Economy-wide Material Flow Accounts (EW-MFA)

Sep 10 2013 order to comply with the concepts of the EW-MFA accounting system. ... eight sheets (data tables A to H) where the material flow data are to ...
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This note is a part of a series of Technical Notes prepared to support the development of data based on the System of. Environmental Economic Accounts 
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Using Operating Cash Flow Data to Predict Financial Distress: Some

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Flow-of-funds analysis at the ECB – framework and applications

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Country-Specific Factors Related to Financial Reporting and the

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  1. sequence of flow of accounting data
  2. the order of the flow of financial data accounting
  3. normal sequence of flow of accounting data