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NZQA - NCEA Level 2 Chemistry (91165) 2017

Addition reactions involve two (or more in the case of the polymers) molecules combining to make one molecule. An addition reaction occurs when double bonds 

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It is an addition reaction because the double bond is broken to form a single C–C bond allowing the H and Br to bond to the carbon atoms forming the 

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Nucleophilic addition-elimination: ​a reaction in which a nucleophile is added to a molecule by breaking a π bond then a leaving group is removed to reform the 
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NCEA Level 2 Chemistry (91165) 2019 — page 1 of 6. Assessment Schedule – 2019 This is an addition reaction where the double bond is broken and.

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It is an elimination reaction because OH and H are removed from adjacent carbon atoms and a double bond is created to form an alkene. To convert propene to 

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Electrophilic addition describes all the above examples. Hydrolysis: Breaking bonds in a molecule by reaction with H 2 O. Dehydration: Reaction in which ...
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Definition of second ionisation energy is not required but learners should be able to write an equation for the change involved. Reactions of Group 2 compounds.
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The propene undergoes an addition reaction to form. 12-dibromopropane

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AQA Chemistry A-level Alkenes are ​unsaturated hydrocarbons​meaning they contain a ... Alkenes undergo electrophilic addition about the double bond.
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What is the enthalpy change for the following reaction? Identify the monomer that would give rise to this section of addition polymer. A. E-But-2-ene.
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