Adenylate cyclase activation forskolin

Activation of adenylate cyclase by the diterpene forskolin does not

10 oct. 2021 Forskolin a novel diterpene activator of adenylate cyclase in membranes and intact cells

Forskolin Activates Adenylate Cyclase Activity and Inhibits Mitosis in

The novel adenylate cyclase activator forskolin caused rapid and high intracellular accumulation of cyclic AMP in a floating skin (epidermal) slice system.
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Forskolin-activated adenylate cyclase. Inhibition by guanyl-5'-yl

25 ao├╗t 2021 Forskolin activated adenylate cyclase of purified rat adipocyte membranes in the absence of exogenous guanine nucleotides.

Forskolin: unique diterpene activator of adenylate cyclase in

Forskolin: Unique diterpene activator of adenylate cyclase in membranes and in intact cells. (cyclic AMP/guanyl nucleotides/brain/fluoride/neurotransmitters).

Regulation of adenylate cyclase of human platelet membranes by

The diterpene forskolin is an extremely powerful activator of adenylate cyclase activity in human plate- let membranes. Forskolin stimulates adenylate 
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Inhibitory action of forskolin on adenylate cyclase activity and cyclic

5 sept. 2021 Low concentrations of forskolin also inhibited adenylate cyclase activation by GTP and luteinizing hormone and this effect was prevented by ...

Interactions of forskolin and adenylate cyclase. Effects on substrate

insensitive to activation by forskolin was not protected by forskolin against inactivation activates nearly all mammalian adenylate cyclases by a mech-.
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Forskolin-induced change of the size of adenylate cyclase.

15 sept. 2021 Forskolin a potent activator of cyclic AMP gener- ating systems

Guanosine 5'-(beta gamma-imido)triphosphate inhibition of

Printed in U.S.A.. Guanosine 5'-(Py-Imido)triphosphate Inhibition of Forskolin-activated. Adenylate Cyclase Is Mediated by the Putative Inhibitory Guanine.
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Evidence for a single forskolin-binding site in rat adipocyte

25 jui. 2022 tracer in the study of forskolin binding to adipocyte plasma membrane and the subsequent activation of adenylate cyclase (EC of ...

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