The Translation of English Collocations into Arabic: Problems and

An Analysis of Arabic-English Translation: Problems and Prospects

In translation we do not translate a word

The Translation of English Collocations into Arabic: Problems and

4 ene 2018 Just two of the testees use the word ( ﺔةﻋوﻣﺟﻣ) and nobody uses the word (ﻊﯾطﻗ). Conclusions: General Problems and Solutions. 1. Problems. The ...
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Automatic Arabic Short Answers Scoring Using Longest Common

1 jun 2021 ity between student answer and model answer. The authors have constructed a synonym dictionary using Arabic Word-. Net to replace all words ...

Redundancy in Translation: Problems and Solution االسهاب يف

Redundancy in Translation: Problems and Solution redundancy occurs most whether in Arabic or English . ... means "the use of redundant words ".

AR-ASAG An ARabic Dataset for Automatic Short Answer Grading

16 may 2020 Since very few work in Arabic language use word weighting? ... sentences obtained by translation from English into Arabic.
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Ant Colony Algorithm for Arabic Word Sense Disambiguation

15 ene 2018 Abstract: The ability to identify the intended meanings of words in context is a central research topic in natural language. Many solutions ...

Towards an Optimal Solution to Lemmatization in Arabic

19 nov 2018 its canonical form as the word is commonly found in a dictionary. As such lemmatization decreases morphological.
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Arabic Text-to-Sign (ArTTS) Model from Automatic SR System

6 nov 2017 Furthermore the employed bilingual corpus/dictionary (text to sign) was aided by the language model (deep meaning of the recognized word from ...
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Arabic Text Clustering Methods and Suggested Solutions for Theme

30 dic 2021 Keywords: text mining Arabic text clustering algorithms