Comparative anatomy definition

On the Comparative Anatomy of Transformations

COMPARATIVE ANATOMY OF TRANSFORMATIONS 603 definition of the strength of a transformation now suggests a reasonably close connection.

The Concept of Homology in the Light of the Comparative Anatomy

treatise on comparative anatomy which appeared in 1859

The comparative anatomy of the folds fossae

Comparative anatomy of the shoulder region in the late Miocene

Comparative anatomy of the shoulder region in the late Miocene In several parts of the manuscript we use the term “cursorial” following the definition.
Journal of Mammalian Evolution ( ) ( ) POSTPRINT

Comparative Anatomy of the Horse Ox

Owen's Comparative Anatomy and Physiology

" The absolute way in which the things or characters so designated are afnrmed or denied in zoological definitions is essential to their purpose." In another 

Comparative Psychology: A Question of Definitions

the adjective comparative refers rather to the method of a science than to its materials. Witness comparative anatomy embryology

The History Comparative Anatomy and Evolution of the

It will be convenient here to define the Araucarioxylon type of wood. Jn the mature secondary wood of the trunk in the living Araucaria and Agathis we find 

Comparative Anatomy Physiology

The Methods of Comparative Anatomy and its Contribution to the

nesses of Owen's definition (see below). COMPARATIVE ANATOMY AND EVOLUTION 353 ... Since morphology as here defined

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